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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Best Way to Get FREE MINECRAFT CODES Easily!


  • What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very famous,world wide played 3D game with a rather simple gameplay about placing blocks(like LEGO's) to build anything that you can imagine doing with them. From a castle to something no one can ever imagine, you can build them all! Monsters come out at night and attack, so make sure that you build a decent shelter during the day to survive! Minecraft Premium is sold at the price rate of $26.95(US) or $19.95(beta version). This can be costly for students,etc. or people who can't wanna spend their money on it even if they want to!

So, if you are one of them....this is the right place to know how you can Get Free Minecraft Codes easily!

  • How to Get Free Minecraft Codes?

Getting Minecraft Premium is pretty simple. Just sign up to Points2Shop, complete a few simple offers(about 10-15) and then Redeem your Minecraft Code! 

Points2Shop : It is a GPT(get paid to) site established in the year 2007. It's been running successfully since then and has satisfied over 5 million users till date! New users get $2.5 on signing up which can be used right away to get anything you want delivered at your house. Users can also get cash withdrawals via Paypal or Check. Also,it provides Amazon,Ebay,Target,Walmart,etc. gift cards.

3 easy steps : 
  1. Sign up and verify email to get $2.5 bonus.(LINK)
  2. Complete offers(watch videos,play games) etc. (EASY OFFERS LINK)
  3. Now all you have to do is redeem you free Minecraft Code!
Your code will be delivered to your email in 2-3 days. If you order a mailed code,it'll be delivered to your address in 1-2 weeks. Enjoy your Free Minecraft Account.

How is it FREE?
Advertisers pay Points2Shop. This is for the promotion of their free websites,newly launched videos,etc. When users complete these offers, the website pays them a part of the money the advertisers paid them. Thus, making it totally Legal and Legit.


Things to keep in mind :

☺Sign up only from the place you will complete your offers from.(ie. same IP Address)
☺Do not ever complete offers from a different location.
☺Provide real information only.False information may get you blocked. 
☺They do not call you nor do they send you mails/emails. You only get what you ordered and nothing else.

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