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Monday, December 29, 2014

Free The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) Merchandise!

The Big Bang Theory Merchandise / Products for FREE?

Get Free TBBT Products delivered to your doorsteps in a few simple and easy steps right now and that too legally!

The Big Bang Theory is the most popular comedy on the planet today! It has been renewed up to Season 10 and is becoming more and more popular every day. With this exponential increase in its popularity and an enormous number of fan support, TBBT Merchandise is something everyone wants to own these days. Be it a Big Bang Coffee Mug or a Sheldon's Bazinga T-Shirt, you just gotta own it for the bragging rights!

NOTE: You can also get free Paypal Money, Cheque, Gift Cards and possibly everything that Amazon sells!

And this is why I'm creating this website now in order to educate you about getting free The Big Bang Theory Merchandise from or other retailers. I have myself received or I should say redeemed a few TBBT goodies from this website. A lot of you may think that in the world we live in, where even a drop of water costs some cents, how could someone get Big Bang Theory stuff for free? Well, that's true. Now you must be thinking the reason you should continue reading this post. I have one for you, you don't pay a single dime to get your free merchandise. Here's how...
There's this really awesome website called Points2Shop which has been online since more than 7 years now. You won't believe me but it has a community of more than 5 million users just like me! There are kids, teenagers, college students, housewives, retired people and even working adults! The 5 million figure is enough to demonstrate the legitimacy and potential of this website. Let's understand how this website works and how to get started in order to redeem your Free Big Bang Theory Clothes and other stuff.

  • How does it work?Points2Shop is a get-points-to or GPT website. Basically, users earn points and redeem them for free stuff. Users sign up to get a free $2.5 bonus. This bonus can be used right away to order something and verify your address as well as test the websites legitimacy. Advertisers who want views for their websites, videos,etc. or want people to sign up for their free websites pay P2S. Users like us complete these 'easy and free' offers to receive points. Offers also include short and sweet surveys which are quite entertaining. You get paid in both cash and points(depending upon your preference). Offers range from 10-500 points and some trail offers where you must sign up for a free trail pay even more. So when we complete such offers, the website pays 3/4 of what the website paid them and this is basically how it works. Perfectly legal and a complete 'win-win' situation. All, the advertisers, website and the users benefit from this! Now lets see what you must do to get your merchandise without getting distracted or wasting your time on other features of the website. Points2Shop also has an app, download the app from the Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store

  • Sign Up NOW!Click on Points2Shop and a new window will appear which will take you directly to save your time. Fill out the few fields which ask for you email and password. I suggest you to use your Facebook or Twitter account to get started. Using email will require you to verify your email first. As soon as you're done signing up and verifying your email(if you used your email for signing up), you will see under the 'stats' drop-down button $2.5. This amount can be used right away after filling up your mailing details. Don't worry, it is a highly reputable website and won't send you spam mails or share your information. I was skeptical at first too, but it is something I regret now. Anyway, now you're all set to earn some free points to get some Free Big Bang Theory Merchandise!
  • Earn Earn Earn!
    Click on Earn Points which can be located easily at the top of the website in your browser. Now head to P2S Offers, these are offers officially posted by the website itself. You would see surveys, videos, sign up offers and many more! 

     users, try completing the RewardTV Offer(click here) and UK users(click here). What you have to do is click on 'visit offer', then sign up to the website and play just 2 games. It'll take no more than 10 minutes. That's it! Once you've done that, you will US users will get 50 points($0.5) while UK users will get 75 points($0.75). Depending on your earning preference(found under Site Preferences in the Account tab at the top), you will get paid in either cash or points instantly!
    International users too can complete many such offers! Now you will have around $3 in your account. Complete dozens of simple offers like these from 10's of offer walls available on the website. For e.g. to get a $10 TBBT Shirt, earn 1000 points or 10 USD to redeem it instantly! IMPORTANT: for some quick and easy offers: click hereThere are even more earning opportunities on the Mobile App.

  • All ye Praise The Lord! Once you have earned enough points or cash, just click on 'Spend Points' or click here at the top of your browser, search for your desired Big Bang Theory Product or Merchandise. Then add it to your cart and hurrah! click on 'Order'. Just imagine the joy of receiving a TBBT Shirt or Mug or any Merchandise for FREE delivered from amazon at your doorsteps!

    Even though I spend quite some time writing the above convincing stuff, I know you guys would require some kind of a 
    testimonial or proof. So here they are....

    Follow Link for ProofsCLICK HERE <Threads posted by users themselves in the P2S Forum
    Follow Link for TestimonialsCLICK HERE <Cool products redeemed by average people like us!

    ''mbwebsolutions posted: Thanks P2S for the show that I love watching :D''
    Proof of Free Big Bang Theory Season 1 DVD 

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Music Albums For Free

Get Free Music Albums!

Now Get Free Music Albums!

Are you addicted to music? A big fan of Eminem/Lady Gaga/Adele/JB,etc ? Want to get all their music cd's but can't pay for them? If that's your situation or you just want to get them for FREE!
Then you've found the best place to do it.......



But before that! Read this - If you want to get a free music album of your favorite artist, it's extremely easy and even a 13 year old could do it! I'm gonna tell you about the easiest way online to get a free music CD delivered at your address without spending a single penny! The CD will be shipped by AMAZON. You'll just have to wait for it to arrive in your post.....

All you have to do is watch short videos(1-2 minutes) , answer surveys,play games, sign up to free sites(no spam/no virus) and other easy stuff.

Why do you have to do it?
It's pretty understandable, advertisers who have recently introduced something new into the market or want to get a large crowds attention within a short time pay for the promotion of their videos,websites,etc. Thus, they pay you for doing LEGAL things! Also, you don't get very low payment, every offer ranges from about $0.50-$3.00(price may vary) or even more! With such pay rate,you'd be easily able to get your Free Music Album. 

Surveys : Surveys are the best way to earn! The government, research companies and manufacturing companies pay you for answering some survey questions. These questions are basically just feedback so that the company/govt. can do the needful. Again, totally LEGAL! You get paid anywhere from 50 cents to a few dollars for answering questions(surveys).

Now that you're assured that it's LEGAL...let's go further to the How To? part.

  • SIGN UP HERE (Get $2.5 sign up bonus)
  • Complete offers (click here)
  • Collect enough cash/points to order your Free Music Album.
  • Now Order!
NOTE : Your order will be delivered directly to your address via AMAZON.

                 !Earn your first dollar within 3 minutes!

     If you're a US citizen, click here . Then, click on "visit offer and complete requirements". All you have to do is sign up to Reward TV and play 2 games. Use a temporary email if you don't want to get newsletters. Within 2-3 minutes, you'll get 50 points ($0.50) for doing almost nothing!
     UK citizens, click here and follow the same steps as mentioned above. If from countries other than US/UK click on the link mentioned above in the 3 steps and complete offers available for your country.
     Another $0.50 for just submitting your email(can use temporary email). US users, click here and follow the same procedure as the previous offer but you have to just create a new account and you'll be credit $0.50 in your account. Takes just 2 minutes to do it!

That's it! Within 5 minutes of signing up, you have made a $ . There are hundreds of offers available and plenty of offer walls to complete! So hurry up and SIGN UP NOW to order your Free Music Album......


 Order you favorite Music Albums for FREE. 

Get Free Eminem Albums.

Lady Gaga Music Albums Free.

Adele Albums for Free.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Free Doctor Who Merchandise!


Learn How you can get Free Doctor Who Stuff.

Doctor Who!

One of the most famous television series on the planet.With millions of viewers, Doctor Who is very popular among the geeks!
The Whovians are crazy about The Doctor and his stuff. There are so many Doctor Who collectibles and other things any Doctor Who lover would want to get but....the prices just diminish their hopes. So, what kind of Whovian wouldn't want to get Free Doctor Who merchandise? This blog-post will tell you about a place where you can Free Doctor Who Merchandise! You won't have to pay for anything! No credit card needed,no personal info. Just your shipping address!

How to get Doctor Who Merchandise for FREE?

This is pretty simple and even a 13 year old could do it.All you have to do is sign up to Points2Shop, then verify your email address and start earning! 

  • What is Points2Shop? Points2Shop is a GPT(Get Points To) site established in the year 2007 and has been running since then successfully! New users get a sign up bonus of $2.5 which can be used right away to buy anything off of,etc.  This is available for anyone living on Earth. Points2Shop reached the milestone of 5 million users recently and has already gotten closer to the 6 million mark. This proves the popularity of this website over the others. So hurry up Whovians and start earning to get Free Doctor Who stuff....

Follow these simple steps!

2.Verify Email
3.Earn Points by watching videos and completing free offers as   mentioned below.
4.Order any Doctor Who merchandise you want directly from   the website without having to order from amazon.
5.In 3-4 days or maybe a week, your order will be delivered to   your address.
Note : Points2Shop orders your product from AMAZON and it's shipped directly to your address.

Many would think of this "getting free stuff from the internet" as a major scam, but trust me it's totally legit. How? Well, Points2Shop is paid by the advertisers to get leads for their newly launched websites,videos,apps,etc. When users complete the requirements needed, Points2Shop pays them a part of what the advertisers paid them for promotion. Thus,totally Legal and Legit method of earning! Get Free Doctor Who Merchandise Now!

Example of an offer : Reward TV offer - You get paid $0.50 for signing up to Reward TV website and playing 2 games. As soon as you do this much, within a few minutes when the advertiser approves offer completion, you will be rewarded, simple as that!
There are hundreds of offers and plenty offer walls available on this website. Users normally earn a few bucks within some minutes of signing up.(Offer link)

  • What can you get?
You can get any Doctor Who Merchandise AMAZON sells! If it doesn't, you can cash out your earnings and buy it yourself.

Free Doctor Who Series.
Free Doctor Who DVD's.

Free Dalek Special Sonic Driver.
Free Doctor Who collectibles.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Best Way to Get FREE MINECRAFT CODES Easily!


  • What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very famous,world wide played 3D game with a rather simple gameplay about placing blocks(like LEGO's) to build anything that you can imagine doing with them. From a castle to something no one can ever imagine, you can build them all! Monsters come out at night and attack, so make sure that you build a decent shelter during the day to survive! Minecraft Premium is sold at the price rate of $26.95(US) or $19.95(beta version). This can be costly for students,etc. or people who can't wanna spend their money on it even if they want to!

So, if you are one of them....this is the right place to know how you can Get Free Minecraft Codes easily!

  • How to Get Free Minecraft Codes?

Getting Minecraft Premium is pretty simple. Just sign up to Points2Shop, complete a few simple offers(about 10-15) and then Redeem your Minecraft Code! 

Points2Shop : It is a GPT(get paid to) site established in the year 2007. It's been running successfully since then and has satisfied over 5 million users till date! New users get $2.5 on signing up which can be used right away to get anything you want delivered at your house. Users can also get cash withdrawals via Paypal or Check. Also,it provides Amazon,Ebay,Target,Walmart,etc. gift cards.

3 easy steps : 
  1. Sign up and verify email to get $2.5 bonus.(LINK)
  2. Complete offers(watch videos,play games) etc. (EASY OFFERS LINK)
  3. Now all you have to do is redeem you free Minecraft Code!
Your code will be delivered to your email in 2-3 days. If you order a mailed code,it'll be delivered to your address in 1-2 weeks. Enjoy your Free Minecraft Account.

How is it FREE?
Advertisers pay Points2Shop. This is for the promotion of their free websites,newly launched videos,etc. When users complete these offers, the website pays them a part of the money the advertisers paid them. Thus, making it totally Legal and Legit.


Things to keep in mind :

☺Sign up only from the place you will complete your offers from.(ie. same IP Address)
☺Do not ever complete offers from a different location.
☺Provide real information only.False information may get you blocked. 
☺They do not call you nor do they send you mails/emails. You only get what you ordered and nothing else.

  • For Free Playstation 4  visit  HERE
  • For Free Amazon Stuff visit HERE

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Best Place to Earn Money Online Within Minutes.


  • Have bills to pay but not the money?
  • Tired of the scams on the internet?
  • Wanna try something that won't disappear?
  • Something you can do anytime you want to?

Get free Facebook,Minecraft,XBL/PSN Codes now!

If yes? Don't worry because the internet isn't the home for the scams only, but for the LEGIT one's too!
Best Places On the Internet To Earn Quick Money..........
These places certainly won't disappoint you!
Points2Shop is a GPT site with a community of over 5 million users. It's been active since almost 7 years and has been satisfying ever since. Points2Shop lets you get free stuff from AMAZON.COM as well as gift cards for websites like Ebay,NewEgg, Walmart, Target,etc.Users also get cash withdrawals through cash via Paypal, Check,etc. Points2Shop also pays as much as $1.5 per referral sign up. This makes P2S, one of the best GPT(Get Paid To) sites on the Internet. Points2Shop members have altogether earned(as of today) $5,982,391 from offers and $3,255 from various contests!

How Can it be FREE?
The advertisers pay the website for the promotion of their videos,websites,apps,etc. Also,companies pay for collecting opinions of people/consumers about their products.So,when the users complete these offers the website pays them a part of what the advertisers paid them! And it's not a small amount, users get about 60 cents to 1 dollar for ever normal offer completed. Offers take about 10-12 minutes for completion.

How to Order?
When you have enough amount to buy something, you can redeem your reward. Go to the "rewards gallery" and then order the product you want. An admin will approve your reward in 1-2 days and then it'll be shipped and be delivered pretty soon! 

How to earn in 3 easy steps?
1. Sign up(click HERE)  and verify email.
2. Complete offers (watch videos,play games,etc)
3. Order you Reward or Get paid!

See Proof of Rewards : LINK
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